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Corfu Vespa Tours & Rentals

At Corfu Vespa Tours we offer a variety of scooter tour packages and scooter rental options in Corfu.  
Ride around the island & discover its best sights from incredible points of view riding a beautiful Vespa® scooter, fully automatic with no gears to make it easier to ride across Corfiot picturesque routes.

While you will find pre-designed scooter tour packages on our website, we are happy to inform you that we arrange customized scooter tours in accordance with your time frame and interests, please contact us and we will work out a customized scooter tour just for you!

In Corfu Vespa Scooter Tours & Rentals we don’t want to just give you a scooter tour, we want to give you an adventure, a unique experience that you won’t forget. An adventure that shows you the sights tourists don’t usually get to see. Our small group tours and personal attention to detail and our friendly persona guarantee fun and relaxed riding Vespa scooter tours around Corfu island.

Unique Service
Corfu Vespa Tours & Rentals is the first and only company that offers Vespa® Tours services

around the island.


Support Local Businesses

By choosing Corfu Vespa Tours you support small, locally owned businesses.


Our Vehicles
We operate a fleet of the latest models of Vespa® Scooter for both touring and rental option.


Small Group Sizes

Our small group sizes are a huge advantage for the tour participants. With a maximum group size of only 10 participants, the experience we offer is more like traveling with a group of friends than being stuck on a coach tour. Our groups tend to be made up of individuals, couples and small groups of friends – all are very welcome. Our groups are small enough to feel like you’re exploring a destination independently but big enough to create a good social vibe.


Best Price, No Hidden Fees

We are proud to offer excellent quality and value for money on our tours, which give you the chance to experience your chosen tour in an authentic and exciting way, stress and hassle-free. 


The Variety of our Tours

We are especially proud of our selection of tours around Corfu island. Every tour is different with a totally special focus. With us, you will always find what you are looking for. We know your time is precious, and we will make sure you have an experience of a lifetime.


Go off the beaten path

We don’t want to just give you a tour, we want to give you an adventure that you won’t forget. An adventure that shows you the sights tourists don’t usually get to see. Vespa is the perfect way to get around Corfu, tour the side streets, areas that aren't assessable by bus, and most importantly you can park close to your attraction. Renting a scooter is an ideal touring option during hot summer days, riding around the countryside through traditional villages of Corfu, along scenic country roads on Vespa scooters will provide a refreshing breeze while you are admiring the sights, smells, flavors, and sounds of the island!


Enjoy "the good life" 

The strong Italian (Venetian) influence had a remarkable impact on the gastronomy - cuisine, landscape, and architecture of the island. Why not add an essence of “dolce vita” to your life during your holidays in Corfu by riding an Italian icon, an original Vespa scooter. In Italian, la dolce vita literally translates as “the sweet life”, or “the good life”. La dolce vita in means a life of pleasure and simple luxury, it’s about enjoying the good things in life and about really indulging in the things you love.

About Us

Corfu Vespa Tours is the first and only company that offers original Vespa scooter tours & rental Services around the island.


The company was founded in December 2017 by Nikolaos Doukakis.


Nikolaos was born and raised in Corfu to an Austrian mother and Greek father.  As a teenager, at the age of 15, he left his family and his childhood home and moved to Vienna where he finished school and took a degree in welding-materials science and metallurgy. Since he finished his studies, he worked as a Welding Technician for 9 years for ZWP- TÜV -SÜD Austria.


After falling in love with a local girl, in November 2015 he decided to move back home. At first, he worked at his family business, a small beachfront pension-hotel, not long after that he felt the need to create his own business, a tourism business that will offer unique and authentic services that exemplify Corfu and its culture.


Nikolaos has always loved riding motorcycles and especially Vespa scooters. One of his priorities, when he returned to live at the island, was to get some wheels, and only a Vespa would do for him. Not long after purchasing his Vespa, a great idea was born, the idea of sharing with other people the experience of exploring and enjoying the island beauties' on an alternative- different way of touring, by riding an original Vespa scooter. In addition, he is a passionate foodie and he never stops exploring the Island for new tasteful experiences. If you join his Vespa Scooter Tours through picturesque villages, olive groves, and vineyards, he will share with you the authentic flavours of Corfu. 



" Our aim is to go off the beaten path and offer our guests a unique, fun way of touring, that exemplify Corfu and its culture, based to the spirit of the authentic Greek hospitality.

Come and ride with me to meet the people, see the culture and taste the authentic flavors of Corfu."


Nikolaos Doukakis