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Our Story

Dear Traveller, Hello! 

Welcome to our Corfu Vespa® world!

We are Nikolaos and Katerina, owners and founders of Corfu Vespa Tours and Rental.

We share a little more with you regarding our Vespa business journey on this page. We hope that reading our story will be a fun and pleasant experience and help you get to know us better.

"We aim to go off the beaten path and offer our guests a unique, fun way of touring that exemplifies Corfu and its culture, based on the spirit of authentic Greek hospitality."


Nikolaos Doukakis

Owner and Founder

Corfu Vespa Tours is the first and only company that offers original Vespa Tour & Scooter Rental Services around the island.


The company was founded in December 2017 by Nikolaos Doukakis.


Nikolaos was born and raised in Corfu to an Austrian mother and a Greek father. At 15, he left his family and childhood home and moved to Vienna, where he finished school and took a degree in welding-materials science and metallurgy. Since he finished his studies, he worked as a Welding Technician for nine years for ZWP- TÜV -SÜD Austria.


After falling in love with a local girl in November 2015, he moved back home. At first, he worked at his family business, a small beachfront pension hotel; not long after that, he felt the need to create his own business, a tourism business that would offer unique and authentic services that exemplify Corfu and its culture.


One of his priorities when he returned to live on the island, was getting some wheels, which only a Vespa would do for him. Not long after purchasing his Vespa, a great idea was born, the idea of sharing with other people the experience of exploring and enjoying the island beauties on an alternative- a different way of touring, riding an original Vespa scooter.




"The economic growth of Corfu Island depends almost exclusively on tourism. We are grateful that you have chosen Greece and Corfu as your holiday destination. It means the world to us.

To express our appreciation and gratitude, we are enhancing the value of our services by including a phone mount with your scooter rental and providing you with our custom-made map."

Katerina Alamanou


Hello, I am Katerina!

I am the "local girl" mentioned above by Niko.

Since day one, of our Corfu Vespa concept, I have been working silently behind the scenes to support this business idea and Niko! I have created the websites, the sightseeing map, and the tour itinerary.

We have renovated our office with the assistance of Selcuk, a very dear friend of Niko that came from Austria to help us minimize the office renovation cost. I have painted the brown metallic parts of the office and it took me almost a week to brush and clean the floor effectively. Niko and Selcuk did the rest and we are so happy with the result of our hard work!


Since I finished my degree in 2006 in Business In Tourism, my goal was to become an F&B manager. So far I have worked for over 13 years in the hotel restaurant industry as an assistant waitress, waitress, restaurant Captain, à la carte restaurant manager, fine dining restaurant manager, and for a very short period as an assistant F&B manager.

The covid era came with many difficulties but also a great gift for me. I took a break from the hotel restaurant industry and started teaching at the Vocational School of Tourism Professions in Corfu. In 2021 Niko and I decided that it would be an interesting change for me to take a step back from my F&B career and work full-time for Corfu Vespa.

Now you will find me at the office, replying to most of your messages, cleaning and polishing the Vespas, cleaning and disinfecting your helmets, updating our websites, and our sightseeing tips.

In our free time, we like to go on walks with our pet dogs, I practice yoga, and Niko rides his dirt bike! We also love to explore different parts of Corfu (during wintertime..).


Thank you for taking the time to read our story and learn more about us!

We hope to meet you soon!


Why choose 
Corfu Vespa Tours & Rentals

Whether you choose to rent a Vespa scooter for a solo adventure lasting from just a few hours to several days or decide to book one of our private or semi-private guided self-driven Vespa tours, rest assured that we've planned everything you need for an unforgettable Vespa journey!

In Corfu Vespa Scooter Tours & Rental, we don't want to give you a scooter tour; we want to offer you an adventure, a unique experience you won't forget. It is an adventure that shows you the sights tourists don't usually see easily. Our attention to detail, high-quality equipment and friendly persona guarantee fun and relaxed riding Vespa scooter tours around Corfu island. 

🔰 100% transparency and accuracy 

We aim for 100% transparency and accuracy in our terms and conditions. 

At Corfu Vespa, we always give transparent promises that we can fulfil 100%. We aim to offer you a clear and concise understanding of our insurance plans and general rental or tour terms and conditions.


🔰 Unique- Top Rated Service by travellers
Corfu Vespa Tours & Rentals is the first and only company that offers Vespa® Tours and exclusively Vespa® rental services around the island. We take great pride in receiving over 370 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 star reviews on Google and an equal number of 
🟢🟢🟢🟢🟢  5/5 ratings on Tripadvisor. We are fully committed to providing you with the best possible service every time and are eager to uphold that commitment.


🔰 Support Local Businesses

By choosing Corfu Vespa, you support tiny, locally-owned businesses. All the businesses we promote on our tours, maps and sightseeing tips are small and locally owned (non-sponsored). These companies are run by passionate individuals who love what they do. They work tirelessly from early morning until late evening and personally meet each traveller. As a Vespa Scooter rental and Scooter Tours company, we belong to this small, locally-owned business category that promotes an authentic and holistic approach to your Corfu holiday experience. 


🔰 Our Vehicles
Did you know that Vespa is an Italian luxury brand of scooters and mopeds manufactured by Piaggio? All of our Vespas are well maintained. We operate a fleet of the latest models of Vespa® Scooter for both touring and rental options.

🔰 Premium - Top Quality accessories

All of our Vespas are equipped with Vespa® top cases with Vespa® backrest cushions for the passenger.

The Basic Vespa rental includes a RAM® X-GRIP® Phone Mount (motorcycle phone holder) with a vibration dampener to protect your camera. For travellers that have Quad Lock® phone cases, we also have Quad Lock® motorcycle mounts available. 


🔰 Small-Group Sizes

Private - semiprivate tours. Our small group sizes are a huge advantage for the tour participants. With a maximum group size of only 10 participants, the experience we offer is more like travelling with a group of friends than being stuck on a coach tour. Our groups tend to be individuals, couples and small groups of friends – all are very welcome. Our groups are small enough to feel like you're exploring a destination independently but big enough to create a good social vibe.


🔰 Best Price, No Hidden Fees

We are proud to offer excellent quality and value for money on our tours, giving you a chance to experience your chosen tour authentically, excitingly, stress-free and hassle-free. Our rental options are also offered at the best possible price, allowing you to add any extra services if and as you need them.


🔰 The Variety of our Tours and our Custom-Made Map

We are proud of our selection of tours around Corfu Island. Every Vespa tour is different, with an exceptional focus. With us, you will always find what you are looking for. We know your time is precious, and we will ensure you have a lifetime experience. The basic Vespa rental includes our Corfu Vespa Map. Our map has nothing to do with the classic idea of road maps. It is fully customised and includes, among others, four preprogrammed routes that you can follow! 


🔰Go off the beaten path.

We don't want to give you a tour. We want to provide you with an adventure that you won't forget. It is an experience that shows you the sights tourists don't usually see easily. Renting a scooter is an ideal touring option during hot summer days. Vespa is the perfect way to get around Corfu, tour the side streets and areas that aren't accessible by bus, and, most importantly, you can park close to your attraction. Riding around the countryside through the traditional villages of Corfu on Vespa scooters along scenic country roads will provide a refreshing breeze while admiring the island's sights, smells, flavours, and sounds!


🔰Enjoy "the good life." 

The solid Italian (Venetian) influence remarkably impacted the island's gastronomy - cuisine, landscape, and architecture. Why not add an essence of "Dolce Vita" to your life during your holidays in Corfu by riding an Italian icon, an original Vespa scooter? In Italian, la dolce vita translates as "the sweet life" or "the good life". La dolce vita means a life of pleasure and simple luxury. It's about enjoying the good things in life and indulging in the things you love.


“Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.”

- Mark Twain

Why us
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