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At Corfu Vespa Tours, we know one size doesn't fit all, and we're here to work with you to create a scooter tour experience based on your time frame, preferences, and driving skills.

While you will find pre-designed scooter tour packages on our website, we are happy to inform you that we arrange customized scooter tours following your time frame and interests. Don't hesitate to contact us; we will create a personalized scooter tour for you!


For the "Above and Beyond Paiokastritsa", "Local Villages off the beaten path", and the "Savour The Flavors of Corfu" private or semi-private tour please complete the Vespa Tour Request Form below.  Our team will respond to your request within 12 hours.

If you prefer to rent a scooter for a couple of hours or days please proceed to an instant online booking here. The standard rental package comes with a RAM® X-GRIP® Phone Mount (a motorcycle phone holder) equipped with a vibration dampener to safeguard your phone while using it as a GPS for navigation. Additionally, it includes our custom-made map featuring four preprogrammed routes!

We've made the decision not to accept instant online bookings for the guided private or semi-private scooter tours due to previous seasons' experiences. We encountered numerous last-minute cancellations when travellers arrived on the tour date without the correct driving license or experienced driving a maxi scooter or driving with a pillion. But you can still book  (instantly online) your Vespa scooter rental with us!

Tour request form

Vespa Scooter Tour Request Form

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Thank you for contacting Corfu Vespa Tours. Our team will reply within 12 hours.​

Before you decide to book your Corfu Vespa tour with us, please consider that:

🔰 Previous experience driving maxi scooters or motorcycles is mandatory for each one of the scooter drivers.


🔰 We don't offer a chauffeur service, it is a self-drive tour, and one of the tour participants (every two (2) tour participants) will have to drive the 125cc Vespa and must have a valid motorcycle class driving license.

🔰 Previous experience driving maxi scooters or motorcycles is mandatory for the Vespa driver.

🔰 Please note that your self-drive tour cannot be refunded if you lack driving experience - skills.

🔰 If the Vespa driver does not have the appropriate experience driving with a passenger - pillion, it is not safe - a good idea to start practising during one's holiday. 

🔰Our available Vespa models are not mopeds (50 cc scooters).

🔰Our office- meeting point is approximately 10-15 minutes walking distance from the port. View our location here 📌

🔰 The "Savour The Flavours of Corfu" tour can not be arranged on Sundays.

🔰 If you are unsure about your driving license, please feel free to attach a copy to your request form, or you can view more information here.

Every scooter tour participant must accept and sign a Tour Agreement and Liability Release Waiver before the Scooter Tour begins.

20% of the total amount due is required to secure your reservation. You can proceed to the deposit payment via PayPal by sending you a PayPal link (no PayPal account is needed) or pressing the pay now button on your booking form. If you wish, you may also proceed to full payment of the tour cost by choosing the full payment option (link), or the balance amount due will be paid on the day of your tour either by credit-debit card or cash.



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